Our Story

“Welcome to Beau! We’re committed in creating a curation of wellness and manly beauty “Male Personal Care” products for men of all colors around the world!”

– The Founders-

Why Beau

Our Story Is About You

Beau Brand is about you and created with your needs for skincare, health, and Wellness in mind. We bring men’s products to the forefront and out of the back seat, with ingredients that are cutting edge, that have a holistic approach for your overall wellness.
Why Beau, because our story is about you, taking the front seat and having a chance to address your unique health, wellness, and skincare needs.

Beau Brand was born out of personal inspiration to produce products that weren’t available to men with ingredients that addressed men’s needs. I have been in the skincare industry for more than 20 years; I saw a huge gap where men’s skin care didn’t exist or took a back seat in terms of quality. Men’s skin is different than women’s skin and when it comes to skincare needs, men are a different breed. Men’s skin is thicker, and courser and men have a lot more testosterone than women.

Beau Brand was born to fill the gap that exists, in skincare, health, and the wellness industry, where most or all products are designed for women.
Our mission is to create the best curated products for men with globally sourced ingredients that are used in Eastern and Western cultures for their holistic and therapeutic properties. At the Beau Brand we believe in an inside out approach to Wellness and understand that looking your best starts with feeling your best. Our goal is to help you feel youthful, look refreshed, and perform at your best, at the gym, in the boardroom, and in the bedroom.

Enhancing men’s lives with quality products for health, and Wellness is our passion. We are committed to offer products formulated clean without known toxins and synthetic detergents, cruelty free, with all- natural ingredients, non-GMO, organic, gluten free, and plant- based. We believe in simple, safe and earth friendly packaging and offer our clients the most competitive price.

Revolutionary in our Brands philosophy is our commitment to serve men of all ages and all ethnicities, globally with the hope that our products would bring joy, peace, and wellness to their lives.